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Founded by Londoners Jason Leonard and Richard Holmes, Handsome London is an upscale independent British men’s brand that draws its inspiration directly from the city. With its distinctive concrete grey packaging and emphasis on high quality ingredients, the brand focuses on creating elegant, original lifestyle products. Our fragrance collection is inspired by London and proudly made in Britain. 


Our customers know what they want and what they don’t. We focus on producing original products for this audience; the international man who likes to stand out from the crowd. We are fiercely independent and we strive to create products that tell personal stories.


Our products are refinements; additional, well-formed touches that elevate our customers beyond the conventional. Our unique fragrances are blended in a process which takes over 2,100 hours in an independent perfumery in West London. 

Inspired by London

Our products tell a story. We draw inspiration directly from the city we love. Often a grey place and a little ragged around the edges, we find beauty in this imperfection and our products draw explicitly from this. Our emblem is a simple letter H, yet when flipped on its side it takes a new form: the symbol for “not equal to”, which is how we think of London too: a global city to which nothing else quite equates.


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